May 30, 2016
Oracle | SQL | PostgreSQL

32555 Fundamentals of Software Development Autumn Semester 2016 Assignment: Blue Wings
This assignment is worth 50% of the total mark; it has seven parts, worth 10%, 5%, 10%, 5%, 10%, 5% and 5%. It is done in a group of three students.
1. Background
Blue Wings is a boat hire or rental company which provides customers with an easy, affordable and safe option when it’s time for them to get out on the water. Their selection of well maintained, environmentally friendly hire boats come equipped for customers on a trailer or already launched and ready to go. The company was started ten years ago by Tom Osborne as a boat rental agency, where customers rented small boats for a day at a time, together with fishing lines and bait. This was so successful that the company bought a set of larger boats with sleeping berths, so customers could rent a boat for several days at a time. Over time, this led the company into catering for the growing luxury market and it bought even larger boats with their own cooking facilities.
Offering a range of boats at set hire costs Blue Wings allow its

May 29, 2016
Python | Finance | Quantitative Trading

Quantitative Trading Project
April 26, 2016
1 The Task
As part of our program of study, you (and 0, 1 or 2 group partners) will invent, run and analyze a quantitative trading strategy. Such a strategy has the following features:
• Investmentinpubliclytraded(butnotnecessarilyelectronicallytraded) assets
• A “recipe” for evaluating attractiveness of potential trades that – depends on pre-specified classes of information
– Could be followed by anyone, given the recipe and data sources
• A “recipe” for investment sizes, and position entry and exit rules, that
– may link position size to attractiveness

May 28, 2016
Processing | Interactive Design

1000 Hands, Universal Everything,
In this subject you will be generating visual communication outcomes through the formats of visual narrative, motion design and interactive design. For each project you are to identify key narrative ele- ments from one of the radio stories supplied in class and adapt this to a simple visual outcome. Through a process of iterative development you will seek to expand your visual elements utilising the form and structure of your medium.
Through research, development and process you are expected to familiarise yourself with the medium and produce a short nished project that successfully communicates your narrative in an original and engaging way. Your intention should be beyond merely visually echoing the audio or the narrative that you are responding to.

May 27, 2016
C | FTP Proxy

The Final Project of Internet Applications
Project Title: FTP Proxy
Goal of the project
Deeply understand the related knowledge of FTP (File Transfer Protocol).
Complete a FTP proxy program based on Linux command line terminal.

Requirements of the project
1. The FTP server can be set up using the existing software, for example FileZilla server. For the FTP client, students can use one general FTP client tool software, for example FileZilla client.
2. The FTP proxy performs as both FTP client and FTP server. FTP client will connect FTP proxy first and send the FTP requests. FTP proxy is able to receive the requests, and then forward the requests to FTP server. After that, it can receive the replies from the FTP server, and then forward the replies to the FTP client.

May 25, 2016
Matlab | Projection

%data_B:the input raw data 4096*128
%ElmentTime:time matrix, fixed, 1200*128*128
%% parameter used
for i=1
for j=1:N
if(pixel<0) disp('computation error!!'); end t_point=round(pixel/Ts)+1; temp1=2*m_data(t_point,i); temp2=-2*pixel*(m_data((t_point+1),i)-m_data((t_point),i))/(Ts); p0(j)=temp1+temp2; end result=result+p0; end result=reshape(result,(gridnum_y-1),arraynum); result=abs(hilbert(result)); end

May 25, 2016
Processing | Game | Plane | COMP115: Assignment 2

COMP115: Assignment 2
May 8, 2016
In this assignment you will create a complete implementation of the Paper Plane game. The assignment is broken into parts, separate tasks which can be done in isolation and which combine to make a full solution. Each part has a pass level (worth half the marks allocated for that part) and a distinction level (worth the other half of the marks for that part. For each part we indicate which module is most useful for completing it.
The total marks available in this assignment is 100. Part 0 is worth 10 marks, Part 1 is worth 30 marks, Part 2 is worth 20, Part 3 is worth 20, and Part 4 is worth 20 marks. In each part, half the marks are allocated to pass-level functionality and the other half to distinction level functionality. For example, pass-level functionality for Part 1 is worth 15 marks overall.
Part 0: Plane – 10 marks
Most useful module is pixels and variables
An isocolese triangle, representing a paper plane, descends from the top of a 512 pixel wide and 768 pixel high window. As it exits the bottom it is never seen again. If any key is pressed, the plane re-appears at the top of the window and starts descending again.
Pass Level
The plane is drawn and moves down the screen.

May 23, 2016
Paper | AI | AlphaGO

The Art of Computing
student FAQ
Essay Specs
Your essay is due at the end of the semester, here is what you are expected to do, and how it will be graded.

The aim of the essay is for you to demonstrate that you have understood some of the broader applications and implications of computing in a particular activity, field of science, or aspect of society. Your objective should be to write a technically accurate, compelling, convincing argument around the use of computing for contributing to the solution of some problem in our society at large.

Essay Structure
Your essay should cover the following types of content, structured in a concise and clear manner.

May 23, 2016
Oracle | SQL | LINQ | PL SQL | PostgreSQL

PART B Queries (SQL/LINQ), Triggers, Procedures, Functions (PL SQL) & MongoDB (NoSQL) Download following two files provided in a zipped folder ( under the Assignment heading from the Stream site: University database file (UniversityDatabse.sql) – for Sections A, B and C. The file provides code to create the required database for Part B. Seven tables created are – LOCATION, FACULTY, STUDENT, TERM, COURSE, COURSE_SECTION, and ENROLLMENT. Collection file (NoSQL.txt) – for Section D. Create a script file using some text editor (e.g. notepad) for writing your solution code. Include query number (e.g. a) and the given Query statement (provided in plain English) as part of the comment before each query’s SQL / PL/SQL / LINQ code and output results. Make sure the output results in the project report are reasonably formatted (proper alignment, appropriate column names, etc.) for readability purposes. Questions (within a section) are not of same value. For triggers, procedures and function include the creation code, the output produced from creation (e.g. procedure successfully created) and testing of each trigger/procedure/function (e.g. execution of the procedure using some quality test examples). All the queries (SQL/LINQ) must be based only on the information provided in the query (English) statement. Do not use a different criterion to arrive at the expected equivalent query result (set). Also, do not use ROWID etc. to manipulate the query results. Please make sure the query results display all the columns that are necessary to easily evaluate the query results. For all exercises asking you to display names, list first name and last name as a single column instead of separate columns. Remember to include the BOTH the code (SQL /PL SQL /LINQ/ MapReduce) and its output in your printed report.

May 22, 2016
Big Data | Hive | Pig | FIT5148

Monash University
FIT5148 – Distributed and Big Data Processing, Semester 1, 2016
Big Data Report (40%) Group Assignment
− This is a group assignment, groups of 2 and from the same tutorial ONLY.
− There is no interview for this assignment.
− You will present this work as a group in Presentation of Big Data Report (10%). The
presentation will be for Part 2 of this assignment.
This report consists of two parts:
• The first part is performance evaluation. You will perform a number of tasks and queries
in the Hortonworks environment using Hive and Pig. You need to write the correct queries for Pig and Hive to produce the results specified in the assignment. Then you will record all the details that logs and reports show in Hortonworks. You will use all this information to compare the performance of Pig and Hive such as how long it took for each or how many MapReduce jobs were executed etc. A table should be included along with brief but informative discussions in a paragraph format.
• The second part (see page 6) involves research. You will select a specific area in big data, and read 4 seminal papers about your selected area. Then you will discuss, analyse and compare these papers based on their approaches, contributions, methods, limitations, and any other criteria. This part has to be written according to a specified template, with high quality and correct APA referencing.