January 12, 2017
MIPS | Algorithm | Minecraft-Texturen

作业 Minecraft-Texturen
在本次作业中,您将开发一个 MIPS 汇编程序,包含降低分辨率和降低数字图像 的色彩深度。
程序框架见 vorgabe.s 图像见 Ha01 文件夹
作业 1: Load and save images (7 分)
1. An image can be stored in the memory as an array by continuously storing the individual lines with image points one behind the other.
2. At the beginning of the image there is also a header, which contains the width, height and color depth, which is the number of colors.
1.Your program should be able to read and write image files in the PGM format (binary, P5). a) 提示:To read and write files, QtSPIM, similar, or other operating system, provides different syscalls. You must calculate the value of the number from a string of digits.
To do this You need an ASCII table.
2.Implement a routine load_img that loads an image and processes the header

May 13, 2016
C | Game | Agent

For this project you will be implementing an agent to play a simple text-based adventure game. The agent is required to move around a rectangular environment, collecting tools and avoiding (or removing) obstacles along the way. The obstacles and tools within the environment are represented as follows:
Obstacles Tools
T tree a axe
– door k key
~ water o stepping stone
* wall g gold

The agent will be represented by one of the characters ^, v, < or >, depending on which direction it is pointing. The agent is capable of the following instructions:

L turn left
R turn right
F (try to) move forward
C (try to) chop down a tree, using an axe
U (try to) unlock a door, using a key

When it executes an L or R instruction, the agent remains in the same location and only its direction changes. When it executes an F instruction, the agent attempts to move a single step in whichever direction it is pointing. The F instruction will fail (have no effect) if there is a wall, tree or door directly in front of the agent.

May 4, 2016
MIPS | Assembly | Algorithm | EE-352 Final Project Spring 2016

The hard copy of your final project must be submitted
Also the soft copy with executable code must be submitted online
Both submissions must show the output of all steps when A= FC1E8B15 (2’s complement), and B= 00001F9C (2’s complement)
Your code will be tested for additional pairs of input after your submission
Part a- 200 points – Write a MIPS assembly program that reads in two signed 2’s complement integer numbers A and B entered by a user and performs the following:
1- Divides A by B by the method of repeated add/subtract without changing the representation of the numbers and produces the result (Quotient C and Remainder D) in 2’ complement format. It prints all the intermediate steps for producing the result.