May 25, 2016
Processing | Game | Plane | COMP115: Assignment 2

COMP115: Assignment 2
May 8, 2016
In this assignment you will create a complete implementation of the Paper Plane game. The assignment is broken into parts, separate tasks which can be done in isolation and which combine to make a full solution. Each part has a pass level (worth half the marks allocated for that part) and a distinction level (worth the other half of the marks for that part. For each part we indicate which module is most useful for completing it.
The total marks available in this assignment is 100. Part 0 is worth 10 marks, Part 1 is worth 30 marks, Part 2 is worth 20, Part 3 is worth 20, and Part 4 is worth 20 marks. In each part, half the marks are allocated to pass-level functionality and the other half to distinction level functionality. For example, pass-level functionality for Part 1 is worth 15 marks overall.
Part 0: Plane – 10 marks
Most useful module is pixels and variables
An isocolese triangle, representing a paper plane, descends from the top of a 512 pixel wide and 768 pixel high window. As it exits the bottom it is never seen again. If any key is pressed, the plane re-appears at the top of the window and starts descending again.
Pass Level
The plane is drawn and moves down the screen.

May 5, 2016

• Download
• De archive it. You will have a directory called “project”
• Within the directory, there are source files that you will complete. You will also find
two files: and auto-mpg.names. Read auto-mpg.names.
• Programing in C, using multiple source files.
1. Complete program files, car.[c|h], LinkedList.[c|h], car_main.c, and Makefile.