February 7, 2017

package hw2;

public class Board {
// 0 means empty, 1 means X, 2 means O
public static final char[] sym = {‘ ‘, ‘X’, ‘O’};
private int[][] board;
private int height, width;
private int winLength;

public Board(int h, int w, int winLen) {
height = h;
width = w;
winLength = winLen;
board = new int[height][width];
// Java initializes new array elements to 0 automatically, so the board is empty

public int getWidth() {
return width;

May 22, 2016
Big Data | Hive | Pig | FIT5148

Monash University
FIT5148 – Distributed and Big Data Processing, Semester 1, 2016
Big Data Report (40%) Group Assignment
− This is a group assignment, groups of 2 and from the same tutorial ONLY.
− There is no interview for this assignment.
− You will present this work as a group in Presentation of Big Data Report (10%). The
presentation will be for Part 2 of this assignment.
This report consists of two parts:
• The first part is performance evaluation. You will perform a number of tasks and queries
in the Hortonworks environment using Hive and Pig. You need to write the correct queries for Pig and Hive to produce the results specified in the assignment. Then you will record all the details that logs and reports show in Hortonworks. You will use all this information to compare the performance of Pig and Hive such as how long it took for each or how many MapReduce jobs were executed etc. A table should be included along with brief but informative discussions in a paragraph format.
• The second part (see page 6) involves research. You will select a specific area in big data, and read 4 seminal papers about your selected area. Then you will discuss, analyse and compare these papers based on their approaches, contributions, methods, limitations, and any other criteria. This part has to be written according to a specified template, with high quality and correct APA referencing.

July 8, 2015
COMP1010 (D01) – Fall 2015 – Assignment 2 —Java Basic

COMP1010 (D01) – Fall 2015 – Assignment 2
Due: Oct 13, 2015, 11:59 PM
Material Covered:
 Loops
 Static Methods
 Please follow the “Programming Standards” for all your works.
 Hand-in will be via the UMLearn Dropbox facility. Make sure you leave enough time before the deadline to ensure your hand-in works properly.
 Keep in mind that the UMLearn Dropbox facility will only keep the most recent submission. Therefore, if you want to update your submission, make sure you re-upload ALL your assignment files.
Question 1: Star Patterns (version 2)
We saw this question in Assignment 1, now let’s spice it up a little bit. :)
Write a program that uses loops to displays the following patterns:
* *****
* ****
* ***
* **
* *

May 21, 2015
java maze solver

Due Date

Monday, April 20th, at 5:30pm

Important: This is an individual assignment. Please do not collaborate.

No late assignment will be accepted.

Make sure that you write every line of your code. Using code written by someone else will be considered a violation of the academic integrity and will result in a report to the Dean’s office.

Minimal Submitted Files

You are required, but not limited, to turn in the following source files:

Assignment11.java (You do not need to modify this file.)
MazeSolver.java — complete this file.
Position.java (You do not need to modify this file)

Requirements to get full credits in Documentation

The assignment number, your name, StudentID, Lecture number, and a description of each class/file need to be included at the top of each file/class (in this assignment, you might have only one file/class, but in future there will be more than one file.)
A description of each method is also needed.
Some additional comments inside of methods (especially for a “main” method) to explain code that are hard to follow should be written. You can look at Java programs in the text book to see how comments are added to programs.
New Skills to be Applied