January 20, 2017
Processing | Excel | Matlab | EXAM – ECE 102

EXAM – ECE 102
Instructor: Peter Jamieson
– This is a take home exam. The work must be your own. Any common code will result in the exam being forwarded to administration for academic integrity violation. Do not show, give, or tell anyone else how you are solving the problems.
– Submit your zipped file.
– Please read all instructions carefully!
– The total for the exam is 100 marks.
– Submit your zip file with the exact details below
ZIP File:
Your zip file for answering the questions should have where XYOURUSERNAMEX is equal to your Miami username. Any additional changes I need to make will result in point deductions from the respective question:
– XYOURUSERNAMEX.xls or a link to a google spreadsheet for question 1
– XYOURUSERNAMEX/XYOURUSERNAMEX.pde a directory and in that directory a processing file for question 2
– MATLAB/ XYOURUSERNAMEX.m a directory called MATLAB with a matlab script for question 3
– ETHICS/ XYOURUSERNAMEX.doc or .txt a directory called ETHICS with a document describing your ethical thoughts

May 25, 2016
Matlab | Projection

%data_B:the input raw data 4096*128
%ElmentTime:time matrix, fixed, 1200*128*128
%% parameter used
for i=1
for j=1:N
if(pixel<0) disp('computation error!!'); end t_point=round(pixel/Ts)+1; temp1=2*m_data(t_point,i); temp2=-2*pixel*(m_data((t_point+1),i)-m_data((t_point),i))/(Ts); p0(j)=temp1+temp2; end result=result+p0; end result=reshape(result,(gridnum_y-1),arraynum); result=abs(hilbert(result)); end

May 9, 2016
Matlab | Algorithm | An Introduction to Matlab

Part B – Projects
The University of Sheffield
Department of Mechanical Engineering
An Introduction to Matlab
These projects will test your ability to problem solve using the skills you learnt while doing the exercises. The projects for this module are listed below. You should complete one of these projects and submit your code to mole. Code should be well commented, non-working code will receive marks if the comments adequately explain the fault and show good understanding. Working code will lose marks if the comments do not show that the subject is well understood.
The projects will require you to use functions that have not been introduced in the notes. These functions will be listed in the hints section of the project. The matlab help pages contain detailed help for all of these functions, just search for the function name.
The project is worth 50% of your overall grade.
Project 1 – Image analysis