May 30, 2016
Oracle | SQL | PostgreSQL

32555 Fundamentals of Software Development Autumn Semester 2016 Assignment: Blue Wings
This assignment is worth 50% of the total mark; it has seven parts, worth 10%, 5%, 10%, 5%, 10%, 5% and 5%. It is done in a group of three students.
1. Background
Blue Wings is a boat hire or rental company which provides customers with an easy, affordable and safe option when it’s time for them to get out on the water. Their selection of well maintained, environmentally friendly hire boats come equipped for customers on a trailer or already launched and ready to go. The company was started ten years ago by Tom Osborne as a boat rental agency, where customers rented small boats for a day at a time, together with fishing lines and bait. This was so successful that the company bought a set of larger boats with sleeping berths, so customers could rent a boat for several days at a time. Over time, this led the company into catering for the growing luxury market and it bought even larger boats with their own cooking facilities.
Offering a range of boats at set hire costs Blue Wings allow its

May 23, 2016
Oracle | SQL | LINQ | PL SQL | PostgreSQL

PART B Queries (SQL/LINQ), Triggers, Procedures, Functions (PL SQL) & MongoDB (NoSQL) Download following two files provided in a zipped folder ( under the Assignment heading from the Stream site: University database file (UniversityDatabse.sql) – for Sections A, B and C. The file provides code to create the required database for Part B. Seven tables created are – LOCATION, FACULTY, STUDENT, TERM, COURSE, COURSE_SECTION, and ENROLLMENT. Collection file (NoSQL.txt) – for Section D. Create a script file using some text editor (e.g. notepad) for writing your solution code. Include query number (e.g. a) and the given Query statement (provided in plain English) as part of the comment before each query’s SQL / PL/SQL / LINQ code and output results. Make sure the output results in the project report are reasonably formatted (proper alignment, appropriate column names, etc.) for readability purposes. Questions (within a section) are not of same value. For triggers, procedures and function include the creation code, the output produced from creation (e.g. procedure successfully created) and testing of each trigger/procedure/function (e.g. execution of the procedure using some quality test examples). All the queries (SQL/LINQ) must be based only on the information provided in the query (English) statement. Do not use a different criterion to arrive at the expected equivalent query result (set). Also, do not use ROWID etc. to manipulate the query results. Please make sure the query results display all the columns that are necessary to easily evaluate the query results. For all exercises asking you to display names, list first name and last name as a single column instead of separate columns. Remember to include the BOTH the code (SQL /PL SQL /LINQ/ MapReduce) and its output in your printed report.

May 19, 2016

The purpose of this assignment is to assess the level of knowledge and ability to use SQL to query a relational database.
It is a mandatory requirement to use SQLite to answer all the questions in this assignment, no other alternative database software is accepted. The questions in this assignment are based on the database of a trading company called Chinook (Figure 1) which has a database system managing the online purchase of album tracks by customers.
Figure 1 : ERD for Chinook
Students need to download a copy of the database script file (i.e. chinook.sql) from CANVAS and create their database instances (e.g. chinook.db) before they can start working on the questions.
This assignment is marked out of 100 in total, which is worth 15% towards the internal coursework. It is an individual assessment and so students are absolutely forbidden to work with or copy directly from others in answering the questions. The staff members of the course reserve the right to call upon any student to demonstrate their knowledge of this assignment as part of the marking process if that is required.

May 14, 2016
ORACLE | SQL | KXO206 Database Management Systems AIEN – Shanghai Ocean University

KXO206 Database Management Systems
AIEN – Shanghai Ocean University (2016)
Assignment 4 – Database Creation Report
Friday 27th May 2016 via MyLO 10:00 pm (Shanghai time) 40% of the total assessment for KXO206
Via MyLO
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Group: 2 students in each group. Students are free to choose who they join with. A group sign-up sheet is available from the Assessment page of the KXO206 MyLO site.
Note: Students who have not signed into a group by Tuesday, 10th May, 2016, will be assigned into a group without consultation.
Note: Each contributing student within the group will receive the same mark, however, active participation and equal contribution is required from each member of the group. Students who are found to have not participated and / or equally contributed to the assignment work will not be included in the group’s mark. If there is an issue with a student not participating and / or contributing to your group, please contact your lecturer.
The School requires that a group cover sheet listing the members of your group be submitted with your assignment.