May 23, 2016
Oracle | SQL | LINQ | PL SQL | PostgreSQL

PART B Queries (SQL/LINQ), Triggers, Procedures, Functions (PL SQL) & MongoDB (NoSQL) Download following two files provided in a zipped folder ( under the Assignment heading from the Stream site: University database file (UniversityDatabse.sql) – for Sections A, B and C. The file provides code to create the required database for Part B. Seven tables created are – LOCATION, FACULTY, STUDENT, TERM, COURSE, COURSE_SECTION, and ENROLLMENT. Collection file (NoSQL.txt) – for Section D. Create a script file using some text editor (e.g. notepad) for writing your solution code. Include query number (e.g. a) and the given Query statement (provided in plain English) as part of the comment before each query’s SQL / PL/SQL / LINQ code and output results. Make sure the output results in the project report are reasonably formatted (proper alignment, appropriate column names, etc.) for readability purposes. Questions (within a section) are not of same value. For triggers, procedures and function include the creation code, the output produced from creation (e.g. procedure successfully created) and testing of each trigger/procedure/function (e.g. execution of the procedure using some quality test examples). All the queries (SQL/LINQ) must be based only on the information provided in the query (English) statement. Do not use a different criterion to arrive at the expected equivalent query result (set). Also, do not use ROWID etc. to manipulate the query results. Please make sure the query results display all the columns that are necessary to easily evaluate the query results. For all exercises asking you to display names, list first name and last name as a single column instead of separate columns. Remember to include the BOTH the code (SQL /PL SQL /LINQ/ MapReduce) and its output in your printed report.